Patternfly represents contemporary art photography born out of passion for visual arts. In this collection created by Anne-Mari Ahola, her skills in the set design and visual arts are beautifully presented in a way that it will set her artwork apart from the rest.

Working across fields of abstract, fine arts and macro photography including digital editing in ADOBE Creative Cloud, 3D modeling in VectorWorks, we strongly believe that the way we apply the Visual arts in PatternflyCollection makes us unique.

About Anne-Mari Ahola

‘Through my work as a set designer for television, I learned to think in frames. So photographing feels very natural when it comes to developing my talent as a visual artist.’

As I’m very ‘thinking in frames’ driven in set designs, in my autonomous art projects I often work backwards. I start with an object or subject that fascinates me. Then experimenting how it can be applied to an interesting image or a story. The outcome often differs from the concept because I am constantly looking for new impulses and inspirations. For me as a creator, it is important not only think from the technical possibilities or the aesthetic considerations, but that an artistic perspective can add value to a creation.

‘Macro object photography  is a virtual journey through the lens as a goal to discover new infinite dimensions.’ 

The object photography with the macro lens fascinates me enormously. For example, when I zoom in on an object, even the smallest fragment, regardless of the size of the object, contains a whole new scene. Often indefinable but occasionally evoke a sense of recognition. In addition, the textures of light on the dark background become more picturesque. They sometimes resemble brush strokes on an invisible canvas. In short, an artistic experience with the support of modern technology.

‘With this total concept I show that my creative process goes beyond just taking a photo.’

In my presentations I often link my creations to a spatial experience. Like here on Patternfly website in the virtual gallery. Each creative project starts with creating a strong image that works like a magnet by attracting the attention of a viewer. But in the end, the ultimate goal is to develop an interesting collection with a good story that will hold the attention longer.

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