During the EUNIQUE 2013 Ahola Production Design will launch Patternfly VIDI Bags and Shawls collection. The VIDI Bags are handmade bags made of recycled VHS -tape in combination with high quality leather. The products are manufactured in cooperation with Finnish and Dutch artisans.

Limited edition.



VIDI Bags available in two models; Oval model with leather bottom and Slim Cut model.

Colours: Black&White


Oval model with leather bottom   Eur 180,00

Slim Cut model                            Eur 170,00






Silky Shawls- special edition 100% silk manufactured in cooperation with the Textiel Museum Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Also available in 2 sizes.



90 x 90 cm                                 Eur 100,00

40 x 180 cml                               Eur  80,00


All prices included  VAT 21% 

Please do not hesitate to contact Patternfly for more information. 

Patternfly 100% Silk Shawls


“When was the last time you closely admired the beautiful colours of butterflies? With this exclusive shawl collection, printed on 100% silk, Patternfly tributes to the fabulous colours which are inspired by butterflies. Available in various sizes.

Experience the silky feeling of the butterfly!”