About Patternfly


Anne-Mari Ahola

Since 1995, Anne-Mari Ahola has been working as a set designer of various national and international television productions, live events and exhibitions. 

In addition to applying designs for projects, she is also experimenting with photography and materials in the studio. The main purpose is generating installations and explore the vaque transition from spatinal awareness to existing dimensions.

Recent years she is using the abstract photography as a method for capturing a scene which differs from the render method on computer she uses for the set designs. Through the abstract photography and the process of creating art, Anne-Mari sees her art collection as a growing treasure for her work not only as a visual artist but also as a set designer.

By launching the Patternfly Collection her dream came true. With her work as a set designer and an visual artist who also has her own independent art collection, Anne-Mari feels creatively complete and it shows in her current Patternfly Collection.

In addition to project assignments Ahola Production Design also develops the Patternfly art concepts privately. All creations within Patternfly are the intellectual property of Ahola Production Design.